Hams you might need

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Hams you might need

Post  popachris on Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:55 pm

-ham=FM TRIALS pass=??? (for team testing)
-ham=FM DUNGEONS pass=/// (for inactive members)
-ham=FM GLDR 1 pass=111 (ONLY for fm gladiators)
-ham=FM GLDR 2 pass=222 (ONLY for fm gladiators)
-ham=FM GLDR 3 pass=333 (ONLY for fm gladiators)
-ham=FM KNGT 1 pass=111 (ONLY for fm knights)
-ham=FM KNGT 2 pass=222 (ONLY for fm knights)
-ham=FM NBLT 3 pass=333 (ONLY for fm nobility)
-ham=FM HALL pass=!!! (ONLY COME IF ASKED)
-ham=FM INN pass=\\\ (ONYL COME IF ASKED)

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