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The Full Metal Constitution

Post  popachris on Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:11 am

1. Although you are in a team you duel by yourself thus I would turn this team towards total anarchy, you follow your own rules and do not have to be restrained, do not be afraid to win in the name of FM. If you would hold glory for yourself it would be 1 humans worth of glory however dueling in the name of FM would be like giving your one mans glory to like 20 of your team members (or however many you have) and then having those 20 each give their glory to you, 1 for 20 good deal eh. We are a team in what we fight for, other than that feel free to destroy all in your path =]
2. Inactivity will not be tolerated PERIOD, each member must post on this site at least twice a week and must personally duel the team leader once a week. If inactivity does occur then that duelist will be placed in the FM dungeons.
3.Now always remember the team motto No I in team but I in win. So lets put this motto to work, NO I IN TEAM BUT I IN WIN!!!

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